Commission | Tanzanite ring

Speciality-cut tanzanite in white and red gold

Speciality-cut tanzanite in white and red gold


Tanzanite: the blue/violet gemstone from Tanzania.

And tanzanite: the blue/violet gemstone from Tanzania.

One name, yet so many variations in colour and clarity make it a gemstone of many guises.

The rich deep colour of the tanzanite in this ring however, combined with its exceptional clarity, mark it out as a truly outstanding example of the gemstone material.

A relatively recent gemstone discovery – 1967 – tanzanite is an incredibly rare stone found only in a small area of Tanzania, in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro. Examples of this size, colour and quality are rare. Smaller, paler material with natural inclusions is much more readily available.

The latter aren’t the stones we choose to work with. David views a huge amount of gemstone material, yet it is only material of intense colour and perfect clarity that David selects to become part of the gemstone collection.

So, back to this ring. A heft of white gold with a flash of red gold complements the size and colour of the tanzanite. An asymmetric band mimics the asymmetric facets of the gemstone. And the five tapered indentations in the ring band mimic the intricate cuts within the stone. Simple. This exquisite stone demands nothing more.

To see further examples of this rare gemstone material please do get in touch, or pop in to see us.